"This is one of those issues that many people think they know enough about, but after Jacqueline's training session, they are better people for knowing that much more.  Where crew members used to think of allergens as an obstacle, they now look at allergens as a way to be more involved with giving exceptional hospitality to guests.  Jacqueline was clear, concise, and confident in communicating her knowledge."

Jake Tringali, GM, Troquet on South

“In an hour, Jacqueline took the dizzying library of information that exists concerning sustainability and eco-responsibility, and she distilled it down to a meaningful and consumable truth: think, care, and do your level best to be a careful and vigilant purveyor of seafood. Better, to be a more careful and gentle human being. And rather than leaving the seminar punch drunk, we were energized to learn more and to help realize a better future for not only the diners of tomorrow but their children, as well.”

Joanne Chang and Christopher Myers, Myers+ChangFlour Bakery & Café