The Beauty of a Good Rolling Pin


I love my new mini pie pans and my rolling pin. The pin is made by a wonderful woodworker D. Edwards Smith in Vermont. I met him at the crafts fair last fall, there's something magical about holding that pin. I can't wait to get my hands on more of his work. It brings such joy to the kitchen. We were visiting for our anniversary and caught the crafts fair. Full of great stuff, but I was immediately drawn to Mr. Smith's booth. Wood has a way of doing that. It's as if the spirit of the tree is still there, humming away quietly, waiting for you to notice. It's funny, an old friend of mine stopped by after our trip and sat in my kitchen. Immediately, her eyes went wide and she saw the rolling pin. "Can I hold it?" I smiled. She was feeling that same pull I'd felt.

I have such a nice memory of meeting and talking to Mr. Smith when I hold that pin. It just feels like it was made for my hands. We talked about the book he was reading. He told me the story about the tree my pin came from. Reading his site you can sense his personality as I glimpsed for a moment at that Crafts/Foliage Fair. I want a few pieces I currently have made over by him. I want to hear the stories. Maybe we'll have to take another drive up north. He sent me an email after I inquired about some pieces. I could "find his old farm house with a red barn in back and there's a sign that says Transcendental Meditation just behind our mailbox."

He offers "to have things out" when I visit, gives me directions and hours of availability when he's not teaching TM classes. Maybe  I should go do both. 

For now, I've got my second, smaller pin (for dumplings!) and I'm so happy. Simple, beautiful, useful things that bring you joy. Always a worthwhile investment.