World Pasta Day October 25

Do you know about World Pasta Day? Just learned about it myself this morning. It so happens that I've got a product to sample in my pantry that fits the bill.

Jovial (don't you love that name?) is making pasta from one of the most ancient of grains, einkorn. Like a grandfather of our modern day wheat, these ancient grains like spelt, farro, and einkorn grow in ways that are maybe inconvenient to modern industrial methods (and I'm guessing you-know-who doesn't own their seeds). Like so many of our beloved heirloom products, einkorn pasta is full of nutrients and flavor lost along the way called "progress." I can't wait to try it and report back. The packaging is even "green" so it looks as if this company has thought of everything.

  • High in Thiamin, essential dietary and trace minerals
  • Good source of protein, dietary fiber and B Vitamins.
  • One 2oz. serving contains as much of the antioxidant Lutein as a whole egg.
  • Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) twice that of whole durum wheat pasta.
  • As if there weren't enough to love about Jovial already, guess who's the first on their site with a recipe? Nourish Network founder Lia Huber - I'm sold!


    Oldways is celebrating World Pasta Day, October 25th . It's "an annual day of celebration featuring that global staple:  pasta. Created to highlight the health and economic benefits of the healthy pasta meal, World Pasta Day invites people around the world to gather friends and family and cook up their favorite pasta dish, whether it’s linguine or lasagna, ravioli, rigatoni or rotini."

    Of course udon, soba, and somen, ricestick noodles, chow fun, yee mein...these are pastas that have been enjoyed as long, or longer, than our Mediterranean cousins!

    click on the image for more info


    So my pasta loving, carb-craving pals...let's spice up this pasta party!

    Let's bring some Asian flair! Let's show our locavore colors! Rock this noodle joint with some porky goodness! What's your pasta dish going to be?

    Maybe you want to combine it with some delicious sustainable seafood?


    A personal favorite is Rick Moonen's Linguine with Clams (p 382) . It is the best recipe ever for the über-sustainable seafood pasta.