Women Who Nourish Us on Fresh Blog


Fresh - the Movie and the Blog

This terrific film is full of both scary insights and uplifting messages. If you have a chance to see it in your local theater, do so. It's "a new film about what we're eating" and it's worth seeing if you've been thinking about what you're eating. Who isn't these days?

In advance of the Boston screening at the Brattle Theater, I attended the event at Suffolk University where I had the opportunity to meet an extraordinary young farmer, Orren Fox - Happy Chickens Lay Healthy Eggs. We also got to see a documentary about the young urban farmers behind "Planting for Peace" a documentary I wrote about for Good Eater Collaborative. (see the link on the sidebar)

The screenshot above is the site, you can click on it to go right to the Fresh Blog. I was surprised to be asked by Jamie Yuenger, the marketing whiz behind the Fresh machine, to contribute to the "Women Who Nourish Us" series on the blog. Some of the other women writing guest posts in the series include: Temra Costa, Vandana Shiva, Diane Fleet and Pat Tanumihardja. I hope you'll enjoy my post and drop a comment there. Spend a little time on the site, you can see a couple of clips, read some inspiring posts and find out where the film is showing next.