Wolf fish Goes Away - hopefully not forever

When I first wrote about Wolf Fish for you, (see Tautog, Wolf Fish, Black Cod and a Fine Kettle of Fish) we had happened upon some at our fishmonger. It was bycatch he was offering. He knew we'd love to try something different.

Well I'd never heard of it before and was sort of sad to learn how it was reaching dangerously low populations. In that post I also shared the horrible story of a bad fishmonger in Annapolis that sells endangered fish bought from pirates, while promoting it as sustainable. Horrendous.

Today's Green Blog notes that the poor wolf fish is on it's way out, like permanent-style. As in EXTINCT. So they are imposing a ban on it to spare the species. So sad, but we must let the stocks recover. 

Wolf Fish - Face only a mother could love?

Wolf Fish - Face only a mother could love?

See the earlier post for the cutest little crocheted wolf fish...much more cuddly.

Remember, plenty of good fish still exist, we just have to watch which part of the food chain we eat from. See my Teach a Man to Fish Round up or Resource Guide for more ideas.