With a lover or a good-looking enemy

Arkansas Black Apples

I had an organic one today and it was crisp and had a really complicated flavor. Some tart, very sweet, and a honey-wine richness. So good. Good to eat on a crisp fall day with a lover or a good looking enemy.

In his hundreds of miles of driving for work the other day, Doc stopped in and poked around Bolton Orchards. We loved their cider this past Fall and also their blackberry jam (both house-made).

These apples are fantastic. This tart-sweet, firm apple dates back to the 1870s and is a great cold storage apple. Ripening late (in November) it possesses a crisp flesh, even after two months of storage. It's also a tart apple, which I adore. The Arkansas Black Apple has a deep, almost purplish red skin (hence "black") and is thought to be a variety of Winesap, developed by a Mr. Brathwaite.


This apple makes for great eating (good-looking enemy, or not) and I'd think also hold well for baking. Try them in Mrs. Fisher's Apple Torte - simple apple cake your kids can bake with you.




This morning I chopped up half of one for my oatmeal. Such a nice way to start the day - Thanks Doc!

? What is your favorite apple recipe?