Wining and Dining, Helping Chile

One of the most wonderful perks of being a food/beverages/lifestyles writer is the stream of invitations to media dinners, wine tastings, pub crawls. Occasionally, you get the media tour invitations such as my life changing tour of the Prince William Sound/Copper River Alaskan tour.

Clink. invited a group to introduce a sampling from the menu. I'm very impressed with what Chef Joseph Margate is doing there.

Mare in the North End (Boston’s Little Italy) has focused on sustainable seafood and Chef Greg Jordan hosted a dinner along with broker CleanFish. “Evangelist” Alisha Lumea was on hand to introduce diners to the Gigha Island Halibut, New Zealand Blue Abalone, Laughing Bird Shrimp from Belize and Faroe Island Sea Trout. Kerri Platt of the Wine Bottega paired wines that were organic or biodynamic with each course explaining the artisan methods of production of each. Including a few surprises. Her picks highlighted the value of a good sommelier. Red wine with fish? Yes, it can work beautifully if you know what you’re doing. I remember hearing “Nebbiolo loves seafood” but can’t recall that we had one at this dinner. It was a fun and lively group. I commend Chef Jordan for taking steps toward sustainable seafood.

Bauer Wines annual tasting event, the Skinner Wine Auction, the Rising Star Chefs event, the Manhattan Cocktail Classic, the Bushmills pub crawl and the Jordan Winery wine bloggers’ dinner and tasting. What an impressive new blog Ronald du Preeze, assistant winemaker, debuted for a small group of food and wine writers. The chosen group included tech-geeks (Dale Cruse) and non-geeks (me) - all of us ready with our feedback. Elegant and understated wines and web design. Well done, Jordan Winery, well done.

I’m resolved to write up these myriad tasting events sooner in 2010. The next invite comes so quickly on the heels of the last I can lose the time to write up things like The Macallan Tasting which included a charming story of the early Scotch whisky makers "hiding a wee dram in the woods..." and who can recall the rest of the story? What I can recall was the nuance of each taste we were offered. The influence of their methods smallest stills, the effects of the Sherry and Bourbon casks, it was a pretty extravagant event, complete with Kitty Amman launching her spokesmodel career.



Drinking green and lending a hand to Chile.

By now anyone who loves wine understands the devastation in Chile included many of the wineries. I had the chance to try a Conosur Carmenere before the earthquake that I wanted to tell you about for a couple of reasons. First, it is the Carmenere that will dispel your doubts about the varietal. There were no harsh vegetal flavors, only a smooth drinkable wine. Fruit forward and slightly zin-like in its berry flavors this was quite enjoyable. Secondly, they are the first winery in the world to obtain CarbonNeutral delivery status. The winery has had a sustainability focus since its inception and emissions are measured and balanced to net zero through their high quality Greenhouse Gas Emissions reduction projects. This winery and others deserve our support.

? During March, is giving $100 for every 12 bottles of Chilean wines sold to help victims of earthquake. All their Chilean wines under $25. Why not try Conosur?