What Part of a Cow does an Egg Come From?

My first byline in the Washington Post, is in today's print piece. Join us for a live chat today at noon. Click on the image below to go to the article online. Please drop a comment there, tweet it, post it on Facebook. Share it with your favorite chef.


I was surprised and delighted to see my words paired with Barbara Kafka's recipes. A friend said "It's like the BEST blind date EVER!" Then I reminded her I met my husband on a blind date...okay Barbara, you have to share that honor. I hope you understand.

Check out these resources


  1. Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network - Chef Cards you can download and customize cards to help communicate clearly about your allergies.
  2. The transcript of the Washington Post "Free Range" chat including many questions on food allergies.
  3. Allergic Girl - Sloane Miller, AKA Allergic Girl, is a consultant. I love that her message includes "joy" - food allergies can be a bummer, it's good to remember joy.
  4. Ming Tsai - Chef Tsai has been instrumental in getting Massachusetts ground-breaking legislation passed. He has many resources on his site, here.
  5. My Tips for Diners - if you have food allergies and are heading out to eat, stop here first.
  6. Hidden food allergens - these are just a few unexpected places where allergens might be hiding. Here is another, more comprehensive list of where the 8 top allergens may be lurking.

What are your favorite tips for dining out with food allergies?