Weighing In - Which Kitchen Scale to Buy?

While writing up this interview with Chef Joshua Johnson of the French Pastry School in Chicago, Cooks v. Bakers, Cupcakes v. Macarons I realized I cannot be the only one wrestling with the purchase of a kitchen scale. One article or blog I read somewhere said to ask a drug dealing friend if they have an extra one, but I thought I'd do a little more research than that! It turns out, that one that measures in grams is, in fact, preferable. Here are my Tweeps (my Peeps in the land of Twitter) and their thoughts, recommendations on buying a kitchen scale.

dadekian Have Salter which I don't love. Think if were to get new 1 I'd go Ohaus having seen high-end model but @ruhlman 's looks good too

savorykitchen @jensdish @LDGourmet I *live* by my scale Can't imagine baking without it now.

dadekian@LDGourmet Head of pastry/baking at J&W swears by/endorese Ohaus scales. He's got some on his site: http://www.breadhitz.com/salestools.html

chezus @LDGourmet this is the scale we have, luv it! http://astore.amazon.com/chezdenietlau-20/detail/B000698A66

thebreadlist @LDGourmet One that weighs in grams preferably & doesn't eat batteries like a 5 year old going thru a bag of candy! I'd like to know too.

savorykitchen @LDGourmet I use this one: http://bit.ly/18QkYW , but I *want* this one: http://bit.ly/5WHaNY

ruhlman @LDGourmet @VivianBoroff here's the scale i'm now using much less bulky, good range and accuracy http://bit.ly/6qTslA

jensdish @LDGourmet Do you use one now? I have not used one yet. Just wanted to compare.

VivianBoroff @CarrieOliver @LDGourmet A good scale is invaluable if you bake as much as I do. But its also great if you are just trying to portion meals


It's particularly useful to measure using a scale in baking, which as Chef Johnson notes, is really where precision matters.

He also shared a recipe for Alsatian Cinnamon Star Cookies, called Zimtsterne. Note the recipe gives amounts in cups, grams and ounces! It was a kick to find the reference to Alsace (France's smallest region with largest number of culinary stars!) here in my review of Sandrine's - at a media dinner where I met Chris Lyons (PR Queen!), and Richard Auffrey, Adele Xavier, Pam Agababian, and Megan Johnson. What a meal that was and what a fun crew!