Weighing In - Part 2 - Doing MacGyver Proud

Some time ago (okay, it was last December) I wrote this post: Weighing In - Which Kitchen Scale to Buy? I was delighted to have Michael Ruhlman, my friends David, Denise, Mary...so many sharing their recommendations. Alas, Santa must have missed the post and I simply haven't made it a priority.


Fast forward to October 2010. Preparing for my Sustainable Meats 101 class at the Boston Ctr for Adult Ed, I realized I should weight out the portions of meat. What to do? Regular readers will remember that my husband often calls me MacGyver, after that cheesy 80's show that had MacGyver improvising solutions by doing things like using a chocolate bar to stop a sulphuric acid leak. Well, it my MacGyver scale doesn't earn me a spin on Apartment Therapy's "Proudest MacGyver Moments" hit list, I don't know what will. One thing is for sure, in Jacqueline's kitchen, there are bound to be more to come. One day, I'll tell you about my photo shoots involving a roasting pan and shower curtain liner. But that's a story for another day.


Now about the improvised scale.

First, the tools. A large bowl, a file folder label and a Sharpie, a 4 C measure. And a one lb box of butter.

Second, I poured the water into the bowl and placed the butter in a plastic container, marking where the water leveled.

See? There's the butter in the container, floating in the water.


Checking the weight measure with a 1 lb bag of beans.

Here's a 1 lb measure of goat.

Here's my 5 lb package of Wild Idea Buffalo (Bison). Really delicious, sustainable meat! Great company, great people -even gave me a discount for the class! Thanks guys!


I scored the whole thing to approximate 5, 1lb hunks.

And, here's a 1 lb measure of bison.


Here's the final set of meat packages bundled in Ziploc bags and the remaining water measured to show no loss in the process. (call it "taring this scale")


So... the class went well, recipes workd, evals were all good. I've been receiving emails, Tweets and text messages from participants saying they learned a lot, enjoyed it, and are happy to have recipes they feel they can incorporate into their menus. One happy girl to hear these messages!


So, what is your proudest MacGyver-esque moment in the kitchen?