Viva el Bittman

Couple more good pieces to read including Bittman's very level-headed approach to improving his own sustainable buying/eating practices. I love that he takes the same approach that I do, keep abreast of the news as you can, avoid those that we know everyone should be avoiding, act like your grandmother at the fishmongers, ask questions until you get a satisfactory answer. 

It strikes me as calming, his tone. Let's skip the screed and call it like we see, it's hard and we can do better. Kudos to Mark, I hope he'll join us this year for Teach a Man to Fish. Here's the link: Loving Fish, this time, with the Fish in Mind.


Talking to your Fishmonger

And while we're on the topic of talking to your fishmonger, let me remind you that Lia Huber won our first ever Flying Fish Award "for going above and beyond" last year when she submitted a five step action plan for talking to your fishmonger. 

Here's an excerpt:

Rather than submit a recipe she submitted an entire action plan. Anyone courageous enough, who really wants shake things up, can follow Lia's lead. Go on, I dare ya!

Five Steps to Better Fish:

Step 1) I’ll ask to speak with whomever is in charge of purchasing and ask whether the store has a policy on purchasing sustainable seafood, pointing out—gently, politely—that I’ve noticed that some of the fish they have on offer are harmful choices for our oceans.

Step 2) I’m going to pull out my Seafood Watch Pocket Guide and discuss a couple of the fish they’re selling that fall under the red column (like the Ss-1ones I mentioned above).  

Step 3) Since I don’t want to just point out negatives, I’ll come equipped with Seafood Watch’s chart of alternative recommendations so I can make some suggestions on sustainable substitutions.

Step 4) If all goes well with steps one through three, I’ll ask if I can bring in some more Pocket Guides to keep on the counter for customers to take. I’ll also ask if they’d like me to bring by some more information for their staff, and give them info on where to go for training support, presentations and materials.

Step 5) Finally, I’ll ask for their support and commitment, including a timeline for follow-up.

~ ~ ~


And the tide may be turning in the UK as well as here, with Sam Fromartz reporting on the former at Chewswise, the LA Times on the latter, here. Have invited Sam, too!