Underground Dining Goes Upscale


All this and a video too? The Passionate Foodie (AKA my friend Rich) invited us to join him at a Dining Alternative dinner. For far less than I'd have paid for anything close, enjoyed ten courses with wine pairings

Cheesy Poofs as my friend Patricia calls them, or Gougères and Scallop Ceviche followed by a Blue Point Oyster en gelée with Verdejo.

Braised Rabbit Saltimbocca - as in "jump in the mouth" - a very skillful and light-handed version of the classic Italian dish.

Dale Cruse snuck in a surprise White Anchvoy Tempura - Similiar to Chinese "ba fan yu" and yet differet. Roasted shallot cup? I'm stealing that trick! Dried black olive and parsley jus. Three cuisines in one bite.