Umami-rama and Nourish Network

Exciting news here: I'm now a contributing writer at the Nourish Network site recently launched by my friend Lia Huber. I'm thrilled to be in such good company (just look at the contributor bios!) and my first article is on Demystifying Umami.

Along with the article, I contribute a recipe for Umami Stuffed Mushrooms -Here are a few shots taken during preparation.

Parmigiano-Reggiano is one of the most umami-dense foods there is!





After researching the article, I decided to do a pictoral essay of Umami anyone might have in their pantry or refridgerator. Picture This: Umami is Everywhere also launches a new feature. From time to time you'll see a picture-by-picture food story.

Hope you enjoy these posts and look for my next post on Nourish Network on my Thanksgiving traditions. The site is full of great content about how to have more mindful meals, how to nourish yourselves while eating in eco-friendly ways. It's a great group and the conversation is growing. Join in now (before Dec. 31) and you'll automatically be entered into a contest for a trip to wine country!