True Food Tuesday - News, Reviews, and Pet Peeves

Check out this review of Cider Beans, I'm looking forward to our contest winner's opinion. There's a new book on my desk that any of our True Food gardening types will love. In fact, even those who don't garden but love farmers' markets will love this book. It fits so well with the True Food topic I want to offer it in another book giveaway.

Garlic Scapes are crazy looking and crazy good!


Eating Adjectives

If you love words and correct usage, you may bristle at the title, "Eating Local", as I do. I don't believe we've re-written the accepted usage of adjectives but we certainly see enough misuse that it's only a matter of time. "Eat Fresh" would have us believe that "Fresh" is a noun; a person, place or thing which one could conceivable eat. "Eat Local" seems to be a misused adverb. I believe it's meant to be locally = to eat food that is locally available or to eat food in our local area, I don't know, maybe that's an adjective, too. Anyway, despite my pet peeves, this is a gorgeous book.