True Food Tuesday

? We're going to do a live "TweetChat"! Thanks to Traca Savadogo the incomparable @SeattleTallPopp - I've just been introduced to to this tool. To make it easier to tweet - I'm going to use #TFT

3 PM  EST - 4 PM EST - this is our first time at bat so let's see how it goes. I'll be using the questions, concepts within this post to guide the discussion and Traca is going to help me moderate.

If you're on Twitter - and even if you're not - I invite you to join the conversation about what I'm calling "True Food." I've started a hashtag #TrueFoodTuesday on Twitter. For civilians, that's simply a way to track all comments in Twitter related to a theme or topic. Tomorrow, Tuesday we'll post tweets and links and comments here about #TrueFood we're eating, buying, growing, thinking about.


It's growing, it's not in a box, I can talk to the person that grew it...these are hallmarks of #TrueFood.

These came from a package but were only dried, still #TrueFood.


So what is "True" food? And why start this conversation?

Many of us are already talking about true food. Whether you're an omnivore or vegan, whether you like CSAs and CSFs or usually eat from a box but are exploring new ways to eat healthier food, you can participate.

You may have heard about the obesity epidemic? The rate of diabetes? The recent suggestions that pesticides on fruits may be linked to higher ADHD in children?

You may be concerned about disappearing farm land and the aging of the farming population, or the vanishing heritage breeds and loss of biodiversity? Or, thinking about the struggles of local fishermen and the threats to their survival.

Perhaps you're reading Michael Pollan's Rules - see his post on Huffington Post here. And two examples of Pollan's rules:

#19 If it came from a plant, eat it; if it was made in a plant, don't.

#36 Don't eat breakfast cereals that change the color of the milk.

These Brussels Sprouts don't need a label to tell us what they are. They are #TrueFood.

Why the #Hashtag topic?

These are the kinds of topics I want to talk about and I want to get others sharing their questions and tips, recipes and photos.

By creating this topic, I'm hoping to catalyze people's thinking and energy, focus it for a day on what we eat and where it comes from.

  • Is it a local fisherman that's doing hook and line haddock or shrimper with by-catch reduction or Alaskan salmon that's carefully monitored?
  • Are you buying or trying or thinking about sustainable meats like Old World Meats Making a Comeback as Sustainable Choices?
  • Sometimes people get tired of thinking about what they can't have. I want to celebrate the good food that we are enjoying, without worry. Local produce, organic grains, sustainable seafood, heritage breeds.
  • Maybe someone will post a Tweet with a recipe or favorite farmer or a photo that shows what they ate that day.



How to Participate

1. Drop a comment here with your favorite True Food you ate on Tuesday.

2. Tweet using the hashtag #TrueFoodTuesday. Or if you use Facebook, drop a link there to your favorite post, recipe or photo of #TrueFood.

? There will be a drawing for a new book Cider Beans, Wild Greens and Dandelion Jelly: Recipes from Southern Appalachia.

Maybe you have a question about how to choose more sustainable foods? Maybe you have a tip to share?

Have a favorite fishmonger, farmer or Farmer's Market?

Jennifer Hashley is both director of Tufts Friedman School's New Entry Sustainable Farming Program and a farmer herself. Her pigs are #TrueFood.

Have a favorite book to share - like Lisa Hamilton's Deeply Rooted, or Langdon Cook's Fat of the Land? Both those books talk about #TrueFood.

Proud of something you baked from scratch or made for dinner from #TrueFood? Share it!


Some links to get you started:

? Nourish Network has a whole section of articles, recipes and tips on Eco-friendly eating, called Eco-Bites. Check it out here.

? Kim O'Donnel on Culinate - these Thursday Table Talk chats are filled with good, True Food.

? Did you see the film Food, Inc.? Thought-provoking film about false food, and True Food.


The Canvolution is all about #TrueFood!



Chef Rick Moonen's Catfish lettuce wraps are #TrueFood.

Laying hen at Pete & Jen's Backyard Birds. Her eggs are #TrueFood.