Trader Joe's Finally Makes Sustainability Move

How sad is it when you come in behind Target and Walmart? (See Jane Black's WaPo All We Can Eat column) It's like when my friend was about to give up on the New York Marathon and was joined on the curb by a very young brother who watched as a runner dressed as a Teletubby ran by. Said the young man to my friend, "C'mon Man! You gonna let a Teletubby beat you?!" He got up and kept running. Whether or not the Teletubby beat him, I can't say, but he finished the marathon.


So many big steps forward have been made by the likes of Target and Walmart. Trader Joe's (who doesn't love Trader Joe's?) was sorely disappointing us. While they acknowledged their selling of nearly endangered species like Orange Roughy (one of my "dirty dozen" - don't buy it!) they continued to post egregiously misleading signs in the stores and on their websites proclaiming their commitment to sustainability. Many folks have been misled. It's a good lesson for all of us.

Actions like the Greenpeace Traitor Joe's campaign were certainly instrumental in getting TJ's to relent in their rape of the oceans.

The New Zealand fisheries where Orange Roughy is caught through detrimental bottom trawling are continuing to decline with two of the eight fisheries now collapsed. This article, Concern Over Orange Roughy Fishing, notes the power of consumer demand and action while still acknowledging that the government could do more to protect the long term environmental AND economic assets.

Let's give TJ's credit for finally getting on board with the sustainability ethos - but really, it's the equivalent of not letting a Teletubby beat them. Especially when they have been deceiving consumers all this time. Keep vigiliant my fish friends! Read the labels. Let them know we're still watching.