Top Chef meets Iron Chef = Top Master Chef?

In a concept that seems doomed to fail, the Bravo Network has green lit a new cooking challenge show. Top Master Chef.

We love the concept of a cooking challenge, but if you're going to use already acknowledged "Master Chefs" and make them compete to see who is tops, isn't that redundant? Why not call it "Who's still in business?" Or gee, I don't know "Iron Chef"?

Give the crown to Ripert, already. I really don't want to see him compete, he's too nice.

If Ripert is a competitor do you think he could ever "alligator" someone like Stefan? What about the faux hawks? Don't do it Eric! Don't go there!

What about the boobs? Not talking about that Brit Toby - talking about Gail and Padma? Will they be judging? Or Colicchio? If I were a top chef in Manhattan, I'd be a little miffed if a guy whose restaurant concept was "come make your own meal" dinged me at judges table. Just saying.

On the missing or the superfluous "N"

Careful readers may notice that I have referred in the past to restaurant owners as "restauranteurs." Which, it turns out, is incorrect. There is no "n" in the word. Well, at least not the preferred pronunciation. According to Merriam-Webster, the word comes from:

  • French restaurateur, from Late Latin restaurator restorer, from Latin restaurare.

So the correct, preferred term is restaurateur.

We'll try.

In the meantime, what do you think of this show idea? 

Is anyone watching poor Ted Allen?