Tomorrow's Bean

This video is going around asking you to imagine your life in jelly beans and how you will statistically speaking, spend them. It's an interesting graphic depiction of the fact that our days ARE numbered. On average (US stats) we have 28,835 days (that's 79 years y'all). [embed][/embed]


My Beans

Maybe we could reimagine this bean count in terms I can relate to:

- start with coffee beans - calculate the number of beans spent acquiring coffee beans - take away the number of beans spent worrying about whether said beans are fair trade, organic, shade grown, locally roasted - take away the time you spend grinding, french pressing and thermal carafe washing - take away the time you spend wondering "where did I put my coffee mug?" - take away the number of beans representing the time you walk to the kitchen to refill your coffee mug, leaving your coffee mug at your desk - take away the number of beans representing the time you walk to your local roasters to get both your fresh air fix and your coffee fix at the same time - add the number of beans representing the time  you didn't have to grind and press at home - add the time you spent writing an article about shade grown coffee and the deforestation of equatorial coffee plantations - take away a bean for the number of times you will lay awake thinking "I defintely cannot drink coffee after 8 pm anymore"

SO yeah, we each have a limited number of beans. The reality is we are not guaranteed even one more than the one enjoy today.

The video doesn't account for nontraditional ways of living, working, and counting.

FOR EXAMPLE: I don't commute - add beans. I do cook, write about food, and LOVE cooking for others - add beans. LOVE teaching others to cook. Enjoy reading about food. Planning to make new food.

My beans are not parsed in the same way as the jelly bean video. Yours may not be either. But if you find yourself at the end, thinking "Yikes" --  make one change today to re-order priorities tomorrow, should you get a tomorrow. Just one small change. Make a lunch date with a friend that's been too long out of your life. Put a reminder in your calendar to go to bed one hour early and bring a book you've been wanting to read. Find someone you want to sleep next to and make that happen.

Whatever it is that's missing, make one small step toward it.

We can get overwhelmed during this resolution-y time of year and wholesale life changes like running off to Italy to eat, pray, love can seem far beyond our reach. What IS in our reach today, is one small change. And one small change today can lead to another tomorrow.


What will you do with tomorrow's bean?