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People often say to me "you're an expert on sustainable seafood, should I buy? (fill in the blank)" Should I eat  (fill in the blank) ?"

I quickly reset expectations. I'm no expert, not really. I'm just a regular person, inspired as a child by Jacques Cousteau and National Geographic, committed as an adult to learning more. me and a penguin

Committed to continuously learning and to sharing the learning - not necessarily the answers - with as many people as I can. I may have some answers today, and I may be fairly confident in their accuracy. I can point you to resources to check, tools you can use and experts more knowledgeable than I, that you can consult with.

We cannot know what tomorrow's science will tell us. We can only be sure it will likely change some of what we know today to be true.

My goal is to create a framework and an enthusiasm to engage in lifelong learning around these issues.

Some Blue Links

Antarctica Icebergs

In the spirit of transparency and to encourage one and all, I'll tell you there are two simple quizzes on the National Geographic Ocean site. One quiz tests you on your knowledge of the health of the oceans and another on seafood. (Do we call all food from farms "landfood?" Hmmm..maybe time to get more specific there, too.) I'll tell you I did not score perfectly on either. Always room to improve!

As recipes and new tools start to roll in I'm beginning the round up for the 4th Annual Teach a Man to Fish Recipe Round Up and Resource Guide.


To get your wheels turning, here are a few links worth clicking through.




What about our impact on the Marine Food Chain? (Great video, appropriate for kids and interactive maps.)


Now I'm off to bed. Tell me what your score on the Ocean quiz was - what'd you learn?

Industrial fishing is estimated to have wiped out what percent of large predatory fish?





Keep on truckin' -- or sunbathing...