The Business of Being a (Food) Writer

Michael Ruhlman the author of the captivating inside look into the Culinary Institute of America (see his Soul of a Chef trilogy) and more recently the author of Ratio and Twenty, was also the author of this Tweet this morning:



I wish to lodge a complaint with my Manager (me) that my IT dept (me) is taking far too much time away from my employee's (my) productive work. Also, the Marketing dept (me) is so terribly far behind that the Accounts Receivable dept (me) is going to blow a gasket. Accounts Payable (me) is not happy either.

HR (me) is quite concerned, especially with all the personal time this employee (me) has been taking do deal with "family matters." Legal (me) is looking into this. We may need to involve the EAP (me).

Sales (me) as usual, is just hitting the bricks and trying to make a buck to keep this whole operation afloat. Sure hope the Executive planning committee (me) is taking note.