4th Annual Teach a Man to Fish Sustainable Seafood Event

Here it is October 11 and we're finally kicking off our 4th annual sustainable seafood recipe round-up and teach-in. Coming off a heady few days at the Chefs Collaborative National Summit (more on that soon), I can tell you that sustainable seafood continues to be front and center for many chefs, as it is for the rest of us.

Three years ago, I started Teach a Man to Fish to accomplish a few simple things:

  1. to raise awareness about sustainable seafood issues
  2. to share recipes and stories about cooking with sustainable seafood
  3. to share resources, to learn where to find it, and learn what's new in the field.

Who can participate?

Everyone! Anyone! We've got top chefs, Top Chefs, conservationists, award-winning writers, home cooks and food bloggers.

How do I join in?

Send me a recipe using sustainable seafood and a brief story about it.

Maybe you saw Dr. Oz talk about Barramundi and the benefits of eating this heart healthy fish and tried it for the first time yourself?

Along with the recipe and blurb, send a photo (no larger than 300 x 400 pixels jpg please) and a link to your blog. That's it! Many folks send a recipe and photo then post a longer post on their own blog. That's fine, too (just no duplicate posts.)

Maybe you wanted to learn what makes some shrimp more sustainable than others. Perhaps you read how some shrimp is caught with equipment that results in up to 9 lbs of "by-catch" (the wasted, unintended catch) to harvest only 1 lb of shrimp? And finally, you found a good source for shrimp, harvested with by-catch reduction equipment? Or maybe you chose Maine sweet shrimp? Or perhaps you discovered the new sustainable seafood on-line source, ILoveBlueSea.com?

What about Seasonality and Seafood?


Why participate in Teach a Man to Fish?

1. Fame and fortune: Rub virtual elbows with some of your favorite bloggers and chefs! Drive new traffic to your site and discover some new ones to follow yourself.

2. Question, learn, share: What makes some aquaculture good and others bad? Can we trust MSC certified labels? Have a new source for sustainable seafood to share? What are CSFs or Community Supported Fisheries and how do they differ?

3. Choosing better seafood isn't always easy. Taking baby steps together, makes it easier. Sharing a recipe, a story and a photo - couldn't be easier!


For my part, I'll post regularly during the next four weeks featuring news in the field of sustainable seafood. I'll get updates from authors, I'll check-in with chefs, and I'll see what's new in terms of resources. I'm going to try to roll up the entries each weekend and post on Mondays, I'll post recipes with links to resources and blogs.

Stay tuned and watch Facebook and Twitter for announcements - some exciting things are in the works!


Workshops for Chefs Return!

Last year I held workshops for chefs, Teach a Chef to Fish introduced professionals to new tools and resources designed for them. This year, rather than ask folks to leave the kitchen, I'm bringing it to you.


  • Learn what the basic issues are when selecting seafood for your menu.
  • Walk through self-study tool developed by Chefs Collaborative and Blue Ocean Institute.
  • Learn about other new resources and tools.


Email me to schedule an in-house training for you and your staff.