Teach a Man to Fish 2010 FAQs

Who needs sleep? I've got coffee. And I'm so excited about Teach a Man to Fish this year (as opposed to the past years when I was only moderately jazzed. Yeah, right.) Refraining from the bad writer's crutch of too many exclamation points, I'll endeavor to share my enthusiasm and answer the questions you may have about what this is and how to participate.


What is "Teach a Man to Fish"?

It's a blog event. You don't have to get dressed up or worry about getting a sitter or finding parking. Think of it as a virtual potluck where folks share photos and recipes -- and it's all about sustainable seafood.


Why do it?

I want to:

  • raise awareness of sustainable seafood issues.
  • share resources and wisdom gathered from all of you, from my research, from my chef buddies and conservation friends.
  • create a dialog.
  • drive traffic to your sites and show others what great stuff you're doing.


When does it happen and for how long?

I always start it in October. It's National Seafood month and the first year, I reclaimed it as National Sustainable Seafood month. We will run through November 15.


What do I do to enter?

  • Share a recipe you already use and make it with sustainable seafood. Or create a new one highlighting a sustainable seafood choice. (Obviously, I wouldn't recommend that bundt cake recipe you've been wanting to try, but how about that seared bluefin tuna you used to love? What might you use in place of that endangered majestic fish?)
  • Share what you learned when finding the seafood to use. Recipes are nice, I love recipes with stories more! (a blurb for me, linked to a larger post for your blog is best, SEO and traffic-wise)
  • Take a photo and send me the recipe, story, and photo (no larger than 300x400 jpg, pls).
  • Include a link to your blog or website and I'll include the recipe, any additional resources I can find, and link back to your blog.



Who else participates?

We've had some fabulous folks right from the start:

Barton Seaver, Rick Moonen, some Top Chef contestants, home cooks and award-winning food writers like Carolyn Jung of the Food Gal! Bloggers (look for new and famous faces in our last round up!) from around the world -- 10 states, 10 countries -- particpate. Each year more people join in and I love the stories of discovery, the recipes, the gorgeous photos.


What if I don't know anything about sustainable seafood?


  • PERFECT. This is a big party, a virtual potluck, a teach-in. I want all of us to learn together!
  • Take a look at the prior year's roundups. (see sidebar) You'll get lots of inspiration there. The resource guide has a video for kids, maybe you want to involve them? There are a ton of recipes you can use to introduce your family to a new sustainable seafood meal.
  • If you're a vegan and don't eat seafood? Tell your pescatarian friends. You do want others who eat fish to choose them wisely, don't you? (We even have veg alternatives like Kian Lam Kho's Mock Shark Fin Soup)
  • The resources I have gathered include many aquarium and conservation sites, cook books, videos and more.



See this Teach a Man to Fish Fact Sheet for a bullet list of facts on the event from year to year.