Taza Chocolate Giveaway at Dancing Deer

Taza Chocolates

Here's a secret about our chocolate proclivities. I love dark. Mo bitter, mo better, you might say. Doc is a milk chocolate guy. His sweet tooth will not really allow him to enjoy dark chocolates. He's always on the hunt for good chocolates for me to enjoy and to share with you. Usually I end up eating them alone. It's a sacrifice, but I do it for you, my loyal readers.

Taza chocolate is one of the few that suits us both. Dark enough to be interesting to me, sweet enough for him to enjoy. I've made molé spice blends for holiday gifts and included this Mexican chocolate.

I've baked brownies with it, too. I was going to bake some for Marisa and Paul, but never had the time. Instead, after one meal or another we simply unwrapped the discs and began sampling. Happy nibbling (us) and melty sucking (Marisa) as we finished the meal in bliss.

Flood Recovery

As locals know, the beloved Somerville chocolatier was devastated by the floods that hit in July. Unfortunately, for the good folks at Taza, these floods came right on the heels of their massive upgrade and renovations. All their capital investments in their manufacturing space got irreparably soaked. That flood has been followed by a happy stream of local businesses chipping in and joining the Taza Flood Recovery (← click that link to read about other businesses that are joining in.)

As soon as Doc heard about the problem and learned that one of our favorite gourmet shops, Panzano, was holding a special Taza sale at their weekly wine tasting, as well as discounted Taza throughout the month, he bought the discs of stone-ground chocolate we've been enjoying ever since. Not sure if I'll get to baking those brownies before it all disappears.


Dancing Deer

We love Dancing Deer. Ever since the earliest days when I discovered their Lime Sugar Cookies in my local Whole Foods, we've been fans. And learning more about the philanthropy only makes you want to support the business more. It's one of my go-to gift sources for thank you's and birthdays. Housewarmings. Check out their Sweet Home project, they're really making a huge difference in the lives of those in need. This morning I was delighted to find this offer in my InBox. Dancing Deer is giving away FREE SAMPLES of Taza Mexican chocolate while supplies last.

Why not vote for the Red Sox with their baseball-themed gift tower (Dale, you can vote Yankees, I guess). Make a purchase, enjoy some chocolate. You can even make a purchase now for a future delivery. These gift towers would make perfect hostess gifts if you've been invited to a Labor Day Barbecue or to your friends' summer house for the weekend.