Target and other Seafood Champions

Casson Trenor and Mashiko covered nicely covered in Grist. See A Seattle Chef Proves Traditional Sushi and Healthy Oceans Go Hand in Chopstick.


Target the mega retail store, announced last week about their decision to stop their sale of farmed salmon. This is big news in the sustainable seafood movement. When a retailer of their stature and size makes such a commitment, it will have a direct impact in terms of pressures on the fisheries. Perhaps even more importantly, it will send a message to the millions of consumers who shop at Target or at least pay attention to what Target does.

Even CNN's health experts are now weighing in on why farmed salmon is a bad idea.

Casson Trenor joined others, including Lydia Bergen of Director of Conservation programs at the New England Aquarium and Helene York of Bon Appetit Managment Co, (one of the ten Finalists of the Seafood Choices Alliance Seafood Champions Awards) in Paris for the annual Seafood Choices Alliance Seafood Summit. There are milestones to celebrate, such as the Target news and the first sustainable sushi restaurant on the East Coast and there is still so much work to do.

For now I applaud Target, Mashiko, Miya's and all the winners of the Seafood Champions Award. I also want to say what an honor it was to be nominated by Casson who has done so much for the health of our oceans. Hope you're whooping it up in Paris!