More Oyster Century Club© News - Join me at Whole Foods Market CRP Oct. 11

As even casual readers know, I love me some oysters. That is why I founded the Oyster Century Club©; and this little club of ours is growing and growing. I love ordering oysters out - whether I'm at the local watering hole, Les Zygomates for $1 oysters or venturing just a few blocks to Oceanaire for one of their oyster specials. I also love shucking them at home. Even if I'm traveling, like this week in La Jolla, I know I can hit up a Whole Foods Market seafood counter to find some beautiful bivalves. Here we discovered these lovely Morro Bay oysters:

West Coast Oysters

Did you know?

Oysters are a sustainable seafood choice. A single oyster can filter up to 2 gallons of water per hour! Contrast to shrimp farms that foul the water and ruin the environment, oyster farms clean it. Oysters feed on the tiny phytoplankton and help clean the ocean environment in which they live. They've been used to clean up rivers like our Charles and to help restore the Chesapeake Bay (still works in progress, both, but improving every day.)

These oysters from Whole Foods Market are clean, delicious and a sustainable seafood choice. Check out your local Whole Foods Market today.

Welcome to our Newest OCC© Sponsor

Thrilling news for our Oyster Century Club©: Whole Foods Market - Charles River Plaza has joined as our latest sponsor. Thank you and welcome! Please go say hit to Oscar and his team for some of the best sustainable seafood including a great selection of oysters. But wait there's more: I'm doing a class on October 11. Just remember "10, 11, 12" - 12 oysters, 11th of October...yes we'll see a shucking demo by Oscar seafood team leader and sample up to one dozen oysters, maybe more. There will be fun handouts and short chat with me the designated "oyster fiend" for the hour.

Aww Shucks

Seats are limited and the first one sold just minutes after it opened for registration on EventBrite. Please join us and spread the word! Here's your link to "Aww Shucks! Oyster Class".

Whole Foods Mkt CRP