meatless meals

Farmers' Market-Inspired Paella Stuffed Peppers

When the bell peppers at the Farmers' Market look this good, they inspire a request for stuffed peppers. We decided to go with a vegetarian version and I thought why not draw on the flavors of paella - saffron, pimenton, garlic - to create a stuffed pepper reminiscent of the flavors of paella.


[ed note: work on outline/structure - is this about improvising? is it about cooking from the market? is it about a stuffed pepper template?]

This could easily be tweaked by the addition of crumbled chorizo and I'll probably do that next time, but right now we're reveling in such gorgeous produce and enjoying our Laurel Hill grains that it wasn't a tough sell to go meatless.

Tonight, we have enjoyed Feeding Celine thought we don't get to do it often enough. We invited her over for dinner again tonight. Working with a loose idea of what I wanted to make - stuffed peppers, green salad with a lemony, dill, garlic vinaigrette, peach cobbler for dessert - I went to the Dewey Sq. farmers' market today to pick up provisions. At the market, I found beautiful bell peppers, gorgeous heirloom tomatoes, no salad greens, peaches not yet ripe.

Since this is a flexible recipe, I thought it was a good opportunity to revisit cooking from seasonal, local ingredients and eating down the fridge, reducing waste. Here's the thing, with good basic ingredients, fresh and local, you can make a healthy and delicious meal in short order. Here's a template.

I soaked spelt last night and put it on to cook this afternoon. While the spelt was simmering, I caulked the kitchen sink, began rewrites on my book proposal and experienced an earthquake. The caulking and the earthquake are completely optional, but I really like the spelt. You can also use grains or rice leftover if you have them on hand.

After the quake, and the market visit, I came home and began preparations.

First, the dessert. Well, opening the wine was really the first step, don't judge, we had an earthquake for heaven's sake!

Okay, so the peaches aren't going to be ready for a couple of days. Zabaglione was my plan B, but we're out of weet Marsala so I decided to try the brownies I'd been thinking of. I discovered I'm out of sugar and very low on the butter substitute I began buying after the allergy diagnosis. Quick trip to Sagarino's for sugar, and then I began on the brownies.


I added ground turkey and spelt, soaked overnight and cooked in chicken broth. I sauteed

A simple salad of sliced heirloom tomatoes, chiffonade of basil, drizzle of good olive oil, balsamic vinegar, maldon sea salt.


Dessert was chocolate chile brownies inspired by Sandra Gutierrez' recipe.