Fresh, Tart, Salad - Perfect Foil to all the Buttery, Braised and Roasted Thanksgiving Foods

I realize some people don't love fennel as much as I do. But I think even more have simply never had it. Pity. Maybe I can persuade you to try it? FenneCollage

When we're preparing a meal that has so many rich, baked, braised, roasted, covered-in-gravy type components, a nice tart, crunchy salad is perfectly refreshing to have as a mid-course or you could serve it at the end before dessert and coffee.

This combination of green apple, fennel and celery wakes up your palate and gets it ready for seconds or dessert. The combination of the licorice flavor of the fennel, tart apples and juicy celery is tough to beat.

Shaved Salad of Fennel, Apple, Celery

A mandoline is handy but you can make this with a good chef's knife or even cut in dice if you'd like.

To serve four:


  • 1 medium fennel bulb (pick one that's snowy white and heavy for its size)
  • 3 ribs of organic celery
  • 1 large or two small Granny Smith or RI Greening apples - (tart)
  • 1 medium to large shallot


  1. Shave or slice thin, or even simply chop all ingredients. Save some fennel fronds for garnish.
  2. Toss with bright fruity vinegar - favorite here is Katz' Gravenstein or Sauvignon Blanc vinegar and a drizzle of best olive oil you've got.
  3. Plate and garnish with the feathery fronds.


  • Garnish with little apple cut-outs using small decorative cutter.
  • Zest organic orange and add fresh orange juice to dressing. Fennel and orange are fast friends.
  • You could add supremes of orange or even sliced kumquats.