Candied Orange Peels, Meyer Lemon Bars, and the All-Citrus Dinner

We are ever so grateful to enjoy winter citrus from California. Meyer lemons so sweet we can eat them out of hand. Oranges so large and sweet, one is almost too much. Nothing irks me more than food waste, so the bounty always inspires a little panic. Late night Facebook friends know the pleas "What to do with all this citrus?!" Reliably good suggestions come each year and reassure me. This year, I forgot all about last year's "too much citrus" panic and the recipes that inspired this post: Top 5 Ways to Enjoy Winter Citrus. I once again issued the call for help.

Mimosa Supreme

After a morning of Mimosa Supremes (fresh squeezed OJ, splash of St. Germain, dash of orange bitters, topped with Chandon Brut) I was looking at a bowl of orange domes...I began poking around. Gorgeous photos of food to inspire anyone got me thinking about making candied orange peels. (See this post  on the blog called Use Real Butter), though you should be warned: you are likely to stop whatever else you're doing and start cooking. You really just want to make everything. Even if you cannot use real butter because of a hideous dairy allergy.

I'm here to tell you, you cannot let that get in your way. If you did, you might miss these:

Meyer Lemon Bars

This shortbread crust was made with half white whole wheat, the fat replacing butter was a combination of non dairy butter and coconut oil. Tasted pretty damn good if I do say so myself. (One 8x8 pan is meant to serve four, right?)

The all-citrus dinner for Celine & Pierre included:  Ceviche, orange and Meyer lemon supremes with shaved fennel and celery, citrus roasted 5 spice chicken, over freekeh and peas, garlicky wok-tossed greens with lemon zest. Then, lemon bars and candied orange peel for dessert.


candied orange peel


I also made some lemon curd using half coconut oil, half vegan butter substitute and the egg yolks leftover from clarifying stock with an egg white raft. This curd is a marked improvement from last year's.

Following Gong-gong's 70th party (of course, I cried during my speech, you had no doubts, right?) our two nieces helped me pick these kumquats, I think my in-laws' tree must be bare!


Current fantasy: triple citrus marmalade....what would you make?