Boston Strong Starter - Contest Winners and an Offer

This is good bread: sliced bread dappled light


This is where it began, sort of. Doesn't look like food, does it?  This was my sourdough starter that I nearly killed.

almost dead sourdough starter


But I am not a quitter as you know if you read about my family's ten commandments here: Starters, Quitters, and Finishers.

So I was tenacious and now, my starter looks like this:


Boston Strong Starter

Boston Strong Starter is what I'm calling it. Partly because my earlier neglect was caused by the shocking bombing -- our lives were disrupted in some way here in Boston. I'm so buoyed by the stories of the bombing survivors, the kindnesses of strangers, I wanted to collect some these good news stories and give them voice. I was mulling over various ideas.

Then Oklahoma was hit by that catastrophic tornado and subsequent tornados and flooding. I thought it might help to spread the word of people doing good things there and elsewhere. And in a small gesture, but a symbolic one, to share this starter that continues to feed us again and again. #BostonStrong #OklahomaStrong

Not to mention, that when you've snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, you might feel a little like bragging.

three loaves



Contest Winners and an Offer

So now I'm here to share the winners of the contest. I used the Random Number Generator  to choose from among the comments and stories (do click over and read them, quite nice).

The first winner was Vivian Savares - to whom I've already sent a batch. She and Sharon both have been sharing this in many ways. I'm thrilled.

So I decided to run through the Random Number Generator again and see who comes up: Michelle!

Since I was so moved by the sharing of stories and since I have to cull/feed every 1-2 weeks anyway, I've decided I will also make this offer:

Anyone who would like a cup of this Boston Strong Starter can email me with your mailing address. Postage, how to handle? I used the USPS estimator for 8 oz first class it's saying $2.32. I think that's about right. Drop a few bucks in my PayPal account? Or add a few to your next charitable donation?

  • You can contribute to the Red Cross in OKC: Text REDCROSS to 90999
  • To donate to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma:  Text FOOD to 32333.
  • Or donate to the OneFund here in Boston.


Paying it forward and feeding friends and neighbors, this is what it's all about. I would love it if you shared a photo of your loaves and share more stories of neighbors helping neighbors!