Nonesuch Oysters

From Ennui to Joy - Delicious Oysters and Life Lessons from Nonesuch Oyster Farmer Abigail Carroll

Meet Abigail Carroll through this lovely TEDxYouth presentation. Life lessons for all of us. Get your hands dirty! Can you imagine leaving Paris, money, a Count for a boyfriend and trading it all for hip waders, algae, and Biddeford, Maine?

She did it and we're thrilled she did. In this TEDxYouth talk Abigail tells her story and shares the lessons she learned along the way.

Reminds me of the oft-quoted Hemingway remark about how oysters instill us with the sense of possibility, and how they immediately lift our spirits.

Oysters as Homecoming

Just as Abigail experienced a homecoming through the acquisition of her oyster farm, so do we have a homecoming of sorts each time we bring an oyster to our lips. We are kissed by our mother, the sea.

I am excited to announce that Nonesuch Oysters will be one of our sponsors at the Oyster Century Club's screening of Shellshocked: Saving Oysters to Save Ourselves. Having just tasted her oysters I can attest to their lovely flavor. Abigail will be bringing oysters to share with us.


Nonesuch Oysters is a young, eco-friendly oyster farm located within a nature conservancy at Nonesuch Point in Scarborough, just south of Portland. Our Scarborough River is one of few in Maine to boasts outstanding natural resource waters. Home to these great-tasting, healthy oysters!

Already among Maine's favorites, Nonesuch Oysters are gaining fame nationwide for their bright, fresh, salty-sweet flavor with a delicate grassy undertone. In 2012, Nonesuch Oysters received the "Outstanding Micro Business of the Year" award from Scarborough Economic Development Corp.

Nonesuch Oysters have been showcased on the menu at New York’s celebrated James Beard House and the Grand Central Oyster Bar. We also received a lovely write-up in Rowan Jacobsen's, A Geography of Oysters website.

Our Oysters and Movie Night

We will be screening the award-winning documentary, Shellshocked which looks back at oysters' hey day in NYC which was then the oyster capital of the world, then look forward with the help of some very special guests at what is being done locally to restore oysters to their important place in our ecosystem.

Guests will include:

Dr. Anamarija Frankic, of UMass Boston:

Dr. Frankic, Associate Director of the School for the Environment at UMass, Boston, will discuss the exciting new field of biomimicry and how it can be used to restore our coastal environment.  She will describe the Green Harbors Project she created with UMass students to explore through "LivingLabs" what nature would do to improve conditions in the harbor.  Professor Frankic is also an adjunct professor at the Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography in Croatia and has been awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to establish a biomimicry course and the LivingLabs program in Croatia.

Andrew Jay, President of Massachusetts Oyster Project

Andrew Jay is the President of the Massachusetts Oyster Project.  The organization is dedicated to restoring oysters to the Commonwealth's estuaries. Mass Oyster has four primary activities- oyster shell recycling, education, direct oyster restoration, supporting other restoration programs. You can learn more at
Many thanks to Les Zygomates for hosting this event. Please register via EventBrite, here The Oyster Century Club seats are limited by space.