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Oyster Lovers - Join us for a Special "Slurp and Learn" Oyster Century Club Event!

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The Oyster Century Club© invites you for a special midday oyster tasting event.

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...register today, we'll all head over after....

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They Shoot Oysters, Don't They?

This Saturday, December 7 from 12 - 2 ,

we'll be enjoying oysters and special appetizers while

professional photographer and oyster-loving friend, Brian Samuels shares the secrets to capturing great oyster iPhone shots.

We'll be tweeting, instagramming and sharing photos as we shoot and eat.

Brian's classes have been selling out across the country, we're thrilled to grab some time with him Saturday!

Bring a friend!

Sign up today.






New Friends, New Oysters - Join the Oyster Century Club - Today!

Top five reasons why you should join the Oyster Century Club - TODAY. 1. It's fun! 

We get together and meet new friends, taste new oysters. Here's our last get together at Maré Oyster Bar:

Mare Oyster Century Club


2. It's a totally unique thing that will make you the envy of your friends.

Do you long for the type of camraderie wine drinkers have? Discussing grapes, vineyards, holding tastings? Ever met anyone in a wine century club? Tasting 100 grapes is worthy undertaking. We are tasting our way through 100 varieties of oysters. What's more fun than that?

When you join you will receive your own tasting sheet, where you can track your progress toward the goal of 100, note your favorites, record tasting notes.


3. Discover hot new venues.

One of the things I love about Maré is that you can feel transported to someplace carefree and sunny, think South Beach with less attitude.

Mare Oyster Bar


4. Win cool prizes.

Along the way we've got some fun raffle items, from saké service, to cookbooks, t-shirts, to gift certificates.


Right now - new members will be entered to win a gift certificate for Maré! Drawing extended to 5 PM Wednesday October 16.

Another lucky winner will receive a Little Island Oyster tee shirt.

5. Enjoy sustainable seafood - at its peak right now!

At our recent screening of the documentary Shellshocked, we learned how and why oysters are good for the environment. When was the last time you could enjoy something so luxurious, so affordable, so sexy and so environmentally sound?



Oysters are storing up glycogen for their winter "hibernation" this means we get to enjoy extra sweet, plump and delicious oysters now and through the winter. These Nonesuch Oysters were fantastic last month, and the Little Island Oysters, too! Can't wait to try them both now! Thanks again to:

  •  Nonesuch oysters - Abigail Carroll, the accidental oyster farmer. See her TEDxYouth alk here: life lessons and getting your hands dirty, finding joy.
  • Frank & Tonyia Peasley – Little Island Oysters - on the Bagaduce River in Maine.


I asked Andrew Jay of the Mass Oyster Project for his tips:

  1. Ask your oyster bar if they recycle their shells.
  2. Email the governor that Massachusetts should do more restoration.
  3. Get in touch with restoration movement- Like Mass Oyster on Facebook.