Healthy tips

Buy a Carafe and Think of Ryan or Derek, and Drink Water.

Today's healthy eating tip comes to you from supermodels. Sort of. I'll make it simple enough for even a brainless beauty to understand. DRINK WATER



Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty.  Derek Zoolander


Okay my beautiful babies, here's the tip of the day.

  1. Get yourself a nice carafe or an old milk jug, something that you like to look at.
  2. Fill it with water.
  3. Put it on your kitchen counter or your desk.
  4. Drink it down.
  5. Repeat.


So simple, even a really, really, ridiculously good looking supermodel like Derek could follow these steps.

8 glasses a day, more or less

The truth is many of us grew up hearing the "8 glasses of water a day!" advice and few of us follow it or even come close. Various factors affect how much water any one of us actually should drink. For example, nursing or pregnant women have different intake goals than the rest of us, if you exercise you'll want to drink more, in a hot or cold climate, high altitude, etc.

Without making it sound too complicated, short of illnesses, the fact is that most of us need to drink more water than we do and few of us could drink too much water.

I don't know about you, but I can't remember what I was walking across the room for, much less track how many of those 8 glasses I've consumed. By putting a pitcher out, it's a visual reminder. I feel better when I drink water. I just forget unless it is right in front of me.

Water not only helps our vital organs function efficiently (this includes eliminating waste, more accurate than the "flushing toxins" that is common misused terminology), water also helps us feel full or at least more comfortable. Many times what we think we recognize as hunger is actually thirst. Try this little experiment yourself. The next time you feel the urge to reach for a snack or head to the vending machine, drink a large glass of water. Do something else for a few minutes to distract yourself from that "hunger" message. Answer some emails or pull up a picture of Ryan Gosling. Then after a few dreamy moments your "hunger" pang will have passed. I bet 9 times out of 10, you will find you've forgotten the "hunger" pangs altogether. It was thirst. ('course you may have pangs of a different sort, but save that for after work.)

If you truly are still hungry, treat yourself to something healthy and tasty. Or unhealthy if you're craving it, but enjoy it - really enjoy it. Denial doesn't work. And drink more water after. Get the pitcher or carafe refilled for your "re-set" and go on about your day.


In the photo above, I also included a soda siphon, for making bubbly water. Many people find it more refreshing than flat. Treat yourself to a pretty new one like I did  Santa brought me. You will enjoy using it and probably drink more water as a result. Using a soda siphon is a nice way to wean yourself of bad colas, too. Try mixing half and half until you back your taste buds away from the overly sweetened drinks they're accustomed to. You can do it!

Q Ginger Moscow Mule

If you really like soda, I recommend splurging once in a while on one of the crop of new sodas that are small batch, locally made with fine ingredients. Usually, they have real sugar not the crap in the big ones. I adore the Q sodas. Try one of those and, again, really enjoy the expensive treat of a finely made soda. Then go back to water for the majority of your hydration.

Also in the photo above, a beautiful bowl of lemons from our in-laws (Thanks guys!) - adding lemon to your water, especially if you can get your hands on beautiful Meyer lemons, is another way to mix up your water habit. By the way, hydrating doesn't only mean water. Something like cold hibiscus tea is refreshing, tart, and caffeine-free. You can control the sugar yourself, and it's loaded with good nutrition, too.

You may have noticed I used the word "treat" quite a lot. It is intentional. Wellness and good health are treats. Feeling good is a treat. Treat yourself well and remember:

...wetness is the essence of beauty.


By the way, did I mention? You look mahvelous!