Harpoon Brewery

Crafty Bastards and Oyster Lore at Harpoon Brewery

Many people do not know just how intertwined the history of oysters and beer are with this country's early days. It's fascinating how our beloved beer and bivalves played such prominent roles in Colonial taverns, diets, commerce. 70 lucky guests got the inside scoop on Tuesday - or should I say inside shuck? Those who scored a ticket to this event before it sold out in under an hour, were honoray Crafty Bastards. A big Welcome to all our new Oyster Century Club members, too. I know you'll enjoy the reading and I hope you'll start shucking at home.





It was a fun crowd full of smart questions - curious about the pairings - and loving the beer. Many thanks to Union Park Press for bringing Lauren's terrific book, thanks to all our Harpoon staff who cheerfully welcomed, served and cleaned and special thanks to our solo shucker Mike Lindley of The Boston Raw Bar Co. and Pangea Shellfish for our fine oysters.

CraftyBastards_Harpoon Collage

If you missed out and want a book click on the Union Park link above. If you want a shucking knife of your own Email Me!