Dancing Deer

Dancing Deer Mother's Day Ride - CEO Springs into Action

Hello Spring! Hello Tulips! Sweetness and light abounds as we shake off our winter layers and embrace the new season.

Tulips herald the advent of Spring and with that, our thoughts of better days, and also of Mother's Day. But what if you were a Mother struggling to make a better life for your kids, trying to end the cycle of poverty? What if yours was one of the 600,000 U.S. FAMILIES with 1.35 million CHILDREN to experience HOMELESSNESS this year?

What would this season of rebirth and fresh starts mean to you? Tulips and Cannelles are a far cry from the reality for too many women and children today.

The vast majority of homeless families are headed by single women. Mother’s Day is a fitting moment to shine the spotlight on family homelessness. One company in Massachusetts, Dancing Deer is doing more than most to ensure that they live up to their values. Their CEO is Trish Karter - whom I first had the pleasure of interviewing in December 2006 - see Dancing Deer's CEO Trish Karter talks about Social Responsibility and Good Cookies.

Dancing Deer CEO Rides to Raise Awareness and Aid for Homelessness

Trish Karter does more than write a check, she dons a helmet. And she rides. 1,500 miles to be exact. That's right - starting Wednesday April 22 Karter will embark on 1,500 mile ride from Atlanta, GA to Boston, MA. It's her way of marking the company's 15th Anniversary. Doing a 15 day ride, 1,500 miles.

In college we used to say "a woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle" it was a silly way to get women to conceptualize their ability to be self-sufficient. Many women facing homelessness need more than a slogan. They need a helping hand and real resources - they need a Deer with a bicycle - a Chief Deer. And they need you.

And what can you do?

35% of the revenues derived from Dancing Deer's Sweet Home product line funds the One Family Scholars Program, which provides college scholarships for homeless mothers as a pathway to self-sufficiency. 

  • Buy Sweet Home treats and 15% of the retail purchase price will go directly to the One Family Foundation. Spread sweetness and help end homelessness by sending a Sweet Home gift for Mother's Day.
  • Make a charitable donation directly to One Family's Scholars program.
  • Donate money or items to the shelter of your choice or to the foundation.
  • Each of the homeless shelters along the 1,500 mile route has a wish list of items they need. Click here to find a shelter in your area and discover how you can donate an item as simple as paper towels, socks, diapers, or pillows or sheets can make a difference. 

I first learned of Trish Karter through her fantastic cookies. I later learned of her character and her philanthropy. It makes it all that much sweeter to savor the treats knowing that they're helping to lift women and children out of poverty.