Sweet Maine Shrimp - so seasonal, so local, so meh...

Now this might stir up some trouble up theah in Maine, but I have to say I just do not get what the excitement is about these shrimp.There, I've said it.

They are small, the texture is sort of soft, and the taste is very, very mild and not overly shrimpy. I've had, and enjoyed, dozens of varieties of shrimp and enjoyed nearly all (except for one weird Chinese species) but these just failed to incite anything at all like pleasure or interest. No theah theah one might say...if one were Gertrude Stein and speaking of pandalus borealis instead of Oakland.

Here is what they looked like fresh:

and cooked (boiled briefly in water that had lemon, fennel)

served with an Asian style dipping sauce (soy, ginger, scallion, chili)

The flavor was so mild that it almost didn't exist on its own. And, and it almost disappeared completely with the dipping sauce. I read posts where people boiled it with Old Bay which confounds me completely. You would taste nothing but Old Bay. Then again, maybe that would be better -- we love Old Bay!

Okay all you Mainers - let the daggers fly!