Sustainable Sushi might have a new spokesmodel

Seems Jeremy Piven (of Entourage and now or recently on Broadway in Speed the Plow) was discovered to have mercury poisoning, they believe from sushi and possibly Chinese Herbs.

Well the highest levels of mercury occur in the big, top of the food chain predators that we shouldn't be eating, anyway. Maybe if Jeremy knew more about Sustainable Sushi, he wouldn't be in sushi rehab watching his understudy do his lines.

Mamet quipped: "My understanding is that he is leaving show business to pursue a career as a thermometer."

Want to estimate your own mercury levels? Try the mecury calculator - it's fun for the whole family!

And speaking of creepy food news... don't even get me started on that Burger King dude by the fire. First he's popping up outside someone's window, pouncing on lumberjacks, but creepy King dude by the fire?