Sustainable Meats: Resource for Meat Geeks

Come join us as we drink wine, cook, and eat. We'll be learning about what makes meats more or less sustainable. Is a "natural chicken" a good thing? Could your "grass-fed" beef be eating corn? Why is it that 60% of the world considers goat the red meat of choice? When might something flown hundreds of miles be a more sustainable choice than something grown closer to home?

We're sure to have a lively discussion as we discuss these issues and more while we prepare three dishes you can easily make at home. The class runs three hours on a single Tuesday night, October 26. Sign up now as a it's hands-on cooking so seats are limited.



In the days running up to the class, I'll be compiling a Sustainable Meats 101 Resource Guide - including where to find the meats, how to shop for them, and where you can learn more. I've just begun reading this wonderful book by Deborah Krasner. Hot off the presses, this book by the James Beard award winner, is beautifully illustrated, and speaks in a straightforward conversational tone about many of the issues we'll be covering. As Krasner points out, being a "locavore" (eating from within a 100 mile radius of where one lives) is nothing new. 100 years ago it's the only way people ate! Should we eat that way again? What do we need to know to do so? What's a cut sheet?

Illustrations show things like how to tie-off a roast, 200 recipes include many fine spice rubs from around the globe and ways to prepare beef, lamb, chicken. How about rabbit? Eggs? Turkey? Duck? Bacon popcorn? Beef jerky? Charsiu Bao to rillettes, roasts, braises  - so many beautiful recipes I just want to cook them all!

This book will go on our list and I'll bring it to class so you can leaf through my copy and get inspired by this fine book.

Click on the cover to order this book from Powell's.


In the meantime, do sign up to join us for the class, bring a friend, and check out Deborah's site here: Vermont Culinary Vacations.