Sustainable Meats 101: Come Join me at the Boston Center for Adult Ed

Not Just Pigs & Fish

Many of you know me through Teach a Man to Fish/Teach a Chef to Fish sustainable seafood events or through my Pig Tales: a Love Story saga. But I really like to talk about all sorts of sensible sustainability. What are choices we can all make, each day, to lessen our impact on the planet but also to increase our enjoyment whilst here? As my friend Meg says, "it's about sensual sustainabilty!" Holla!

I'm so excited to be offering this class at the Boston Center for Adult Ed, the oldest, nonprofit adult education center in New England. We'll be cooking in one of their new state-of-the-art kitchens (Thermador or Gaggenau, be still my heart) at 122 Arlington Street (near Smith & Wollensky.)

We're going to explore what makes our proteins more or less sustainable and we're going to roll up our sleeves and cook! I'm sharing resources, tips and recipes and there will be chickens from Pete & Jenn's Backyard Birds, Bison from Wild Idea and local, probably Halal goat. You will leave the class with new friends, a resource guide, recipes and an appetite for more.

People ask if I cook with wine. The answer is yes. Sometimes it even goes in the food. (Parrump pump. I'll be working this room all week.) But seriously folks, we'll have a chance to learn about what makes a wine more or less sustainable, too. Let's get cooking, and talking, and eating! And come have a glass of wine on me.

Here are a couple of links to get you in the mood:



Please sign up today, mark your calendar, and spread the word!

And thanks to Rich who posted this even before I did.