Sushi News

Of note to sushi lovers, Casson Trenor's book Sustainable Sushi is out now! Here is his website and you can purchase the book here or on that site.



Tataki Chefs Kin Lui and Raymond Ho flank Author and sustainability guru Casson Trenor at the Blue Ocean Institute event celebrating the release of the sustainable sushi pocket cards.

My Seafood Watch Sushi Kit arrived toward the end of my Teach a Man to Fish blog event but I ran out of time and money to get out and use the materials. I have them on hand and will use them the next time I'm able to treat myself to a good sushi meal. 


John A. Curtas writes in John Mariani's newsletter about sushi's demise in What IS happening in Vegas? It's a pretty spot-on criticism of sushi in its current ubiquity. I'm pleased to have someone other than me that notes the lowest common denominator that seems to reign over sushi. 

Good sushi is worth paying money for. There really is not such a thing as good, bargain sushi. That being said, one can still enjoy it but kep these tips in mind:

  1. Not all sushi is fish, so you can eat lots of sustainable, healthy and delicious sushi without ever implicating any fish.
  2. When you do want to enjoy good sushi and sashimi - find a good sushi restaurant with a skilled sushi chef.
  3. Bring or consult one of the new sustainable sushi wallet cards so that you know what fish is recommended and which should be avoided.
  4. Start a conversation with your sushi chef, they are trained to offer the best products to please their customers, not necessarily with a focus on sustainabilty.

Don't forget that Teach a Man to Fish has recipes, a step by step action plan to talk with your fishmonger, and a resource guide