Sunny Citrus Treats

If you read my Bergamot Askinosie Brownies post, you know I've been on a citrus kick lately. Part of the fun of writing for Nourish Network is the nice job they do with my photos - just look at this gorgeous collage:

Go to Nourish Network to read: From Cara Cara to Kumquats and be sure to join the discussion there. Maybe make those chocolate orange pistachio biscotti to enjoy with your tea while browing Nourish Network. I love the site and am enjoying my colleagues' contributions every week. Great, easy, healthy meals. Real food, real conversation. I learn something every time I click!

  • Kurt Michael Friese had one of the first responses to that ridiculous piece in the Atlantic by the woman now known as the Sarah Palin of the food movement. I think he really nailed the flaws in her piece, see Failure to Cultivate.
  • Learn how to organize your pantry, shopping and cooking with lists: Love your Lists.
  • Forcing (Ends) Meat is Alison Ashton's ode to chopped chicken livers.
  • And Cheryl Sternman Rule's Sweetness and Light introduces a bunch of sweetening options.