Summer Solstice and Summer Love - a Homemade Summer Blog Party

You know me. I'm the one who has trouble letting go. Sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes a not so good thing. You're in luck, dear readers: this time it's good. Remember the wonderful Yvette Van Boven sweeping into Boston right around the Boston Marathon weekend? So many lovely events, like this one at Kitchenwares:

Julie Homemade Summer Kitchenwares

Oof Yvette Jacqueline

Inspired by Yvette's & Oof's gorgeous book Homemade Summer and Tammy Donroe's excellent suggestion, we've decided to do a Homemade Summer Solstice blog thing. I can't let go. I'm still getting books in bloggers' and food writers' hands - there's a small stack here with stickie notes indicating who I'm saving them for - you know who you are.

Homemade Summer Cover

Homemade Summer Solstice

We are inviting everyone who's got the book to prepare one of the lovely recipes (I'm thinking of the Fig Negroni Popsicles p. 99) and do a post. Send me the link on or before June 28 and I'll do a meta post (I know you're saying "that's just like her, she's so meta.") rolling up all the links to all your lovely posts in one.

But wait, you say, isn't Summer Solstice today - June 21? Yes, of course you are correct. But you know we're rather fond of doing things on our own timetable around here. We're making our Solstice thing next Friday!

Okay, but you're still so busy, you're wondering how you could possibly manage it? Let me tell you, I saw with my own eyes several of these recipes come together in 20 minutes, in one bowl, in one square foot of my kitchen island as I banged about testing the lamb, tenting it, carving it, dishing out sides, stacking pans...if you've seen me cook, you know what I'm talking about. I made us dinner while we prepped recipes for the various signings. Possibly there was wine involved, or whiskey, or both.

Really, you can do this. And just think of the fun seeing all the summer posts in one. It may end up looking like the whole summer party menu Yvette did for Powell's.

In fact, have a drink and relax. Why not a Pimm's Cup (p. 90)? Have a nibble on some crispy chickpeas (p. 111) or maybe shuck some oysters and enjoy with ginger lime dressing (p. 105).

We are in gorgeous and short berry heaven right now, maybe you'd like to do a berry thing - strawberry jam biscuits or coconut strawberry lassi? (Did you see the Providence Journal or Bon Appetit pieces?)

lemons lemonade

So that's it folks! Get your book, prepare something quick and delicious, post and send me the link by the 28th!