Summer Fest Beans and Greens Week


White Bean, Escarole, Sausage Soup


It is "beans and greens" week according to Jaden, et al., and I happened to have a big bunch of escarole, pantry full of beans and odds and ends of other veg to use up. That calls for soup!

Clockwise from upper left: onion and shallot (don't cook them at the same time or shallot will burn!), red and green pepper, carrot, fennel, herbs, celery, green beans, garlic.


The finished soup also included about a quarter head of raddichio which I forgot I had - sliced up and threw it in -in addition to the DiLuigi's sausages, Gouveia White Beans, mirepoix, green and red bell pepper, fennel, green beans, garlic, herbs, cheese. Generous salt and fresh cracked black pepper. Bay leaf. You could also add red pepper flakes.


See what I mean when I call it a "kitchen-sink" soup?

The nice thing about making it is that it's comforting, it's good, and it's easy. It could be made meat-free by simply omitting the sausage. I'd add more parmigiano-reggiano to increase the umami flavor. Maybe add tomatoes, too, which would also increase that savory element and bring more color and depth of flavor. 

  1. Sauteed two sausages (one sweet, one hot) in olive oil & canola.
  2. Removed to a bowl, add more oil, and carrots, onion, celery, fennel. Saute just to soften. S&P
  3. Add remaining veg, bay leaf, deglaze with white wine or Vya vermouth (about 1/3 C). Add tomatoes or tomato paste if omitting sausage.
  4. Add beans, water/stock, escarole, rind of parmigiano-reggiano. Cover and simmer until beans are tender.

To serve, I pan-grilled ciabatta bread in butter/olive oil/garlic then served on top of soup like a huge crouton. Also grated additional cheese.

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