Spike's Dogs and the Kennel Club Challenge

Sometimes you just have to have a great hot dog. Sometimes even a mediorcre one will do. I've had gourmet dogs before, even Pink's the famous Hollywood hot dog to the stars. I've admired Hot Doug's from afar, we'll get there some day and that foie dog better be ready!

Some days you'll take any dog. Luckily, there's a lotta love for dogs in this kennel. Purebreeds and mutts, beauties, and beasts. 

Spike's is better than a lot of 'em. Points in their favor:

  • Good sized, 100% beef hot dogs, not too fatty nor too lean.
  • Hearty buns that don't disintegrate under the pressure of ample toppings.


And then there's the Kennel Club wall...

Top Dogs, Mighty Dogs, Chowhounds...


These guys were taking the challenge: That's Angelo, Dustin, and Drew (L to R).

Ever heard the "size of the dog in the fight thing"? Well, sitting behind Drew on the right, is Dustin's younger sister Kim. Kim made the wall by downing 8 Veggie Dogs in the requisite 90 minutes. The boys were going for 6 apiece. No way Dustin was going to fail when his little sister was already on the wall.

According to Keri-Ann when I called Spike's later in the afternoon, all three made it to the wall. Congratulations boys!!

Guys: If you're out there, drop a line and tell us your strategy. How you're feeling. Send us a photo with your prize!

In other Kennel Club News...

The oldest dog ever to win the Westminister Kennel Club dog show, Stump, a Sussex Spaniel came out of retirement to win the show. He's 70 in human years, the first Sussex Spaniel to ever win and the oldest dog to win. Take that all you young pups.