S/O/L/E Food Tuesday - Flu edition

Okay, just so you don't think this is nothing more than a shameless ploy for sympathy (did I mention I was bedridden almost three whole days?) - let me cut quickly to the chase.

Since I'm a little behind due to my butt-kicking bout with the flu, I was thinking I'd have to be late with my S/O/L/E Food Tuesday post. Then a wonderful thing happened on the way to a cleaned-up Inbox. I saw a Facebook notification that Rebecca Katz had 'friended' me on Facebook. Rebecca Katz is the author of One Bite at a Time and though I've never met her personally, I consider her more than a Facebook friend. You see, when my father-in-law was first diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer, I went full bore into research mode. Quickly realized that anyone undergoing treatment for throat and mouth cancers comes up against the dilemma of needing to keep up with nourishment while becoming less able to swallow and less interested in food when they need it most.

I found Rebecca's wonderful site and book and wrote to her through the website with more questions about how we could sneak in some healthy fat and calories that Sze would need when he's notoriously opposed to them. I never really expected to get an answer back, but I got much more. Rebecca provided me with so much help, really it was like a private consultation. Anyway, it was a godsend when we really needed it. Thanks again Rebecca!

I enthusiastically recommend the book, One Bite at a Time. I bought it and cooked from it during his recovery. The recipes are healthy and delicious and you don't need to be recovering from cancer to enjoy them! (see the subtitle: Nourishing Recipes for Cancer Survivors and their Friends). This is the kind of food that makes your body happy when you're eating it. Only later it dawns on you that it's also healthy.

(It's on my Powell's Bookshelf click on the image to go there.)

So, focus back on me...and my flu...I've been amazed at the healing power of soup. The Hot and Sour soup from Taiwan Cafe (and the ministrations of my husband) have saved me. I'm vertical again and back at the computer.

The salvation soup (sun lai tong) from Taiwan Cafe, the fact that January is National Soup Month, and the surprise reconnection with Rebecca remind me that she has a recipe for a delicious broth called Magic Mineral Broth. Packed with minerals and umami (click here to read more), it's savory and delicious and once you've had it, you want it again. I should make a big batch tomorrow.

  • For another delicious but leaning-more-toward-the-decadent-side-of-the-spectrum recipe, see my latest Suite post: Sustainable Vodka Mac & Cheese. Okay, who am I kidding, it's totally decadent. But, it can be made vegetarian by omitting the crisped prosciutto on top.

See, we've got something for everyone, vegan to carnivore and in between!