S/O/L/E Food Tuesday - Crackers Three

Crackers - good ones are expensive, cheap ones are bad.

Surprisingly, good crackers are quick and easy to make and can be shockingly delicious. Shards of crispy goodness were mine once, then I got lazy and forgot. Doing research I found myself distracted by two cracker video clips on the New York Times online. While I navigate the maze of permissions you'll have to click here to see Mark Bittman do yummy cheezy ones (Parmesan Cheese Crackers) and here to peer into Jill Santopietro's Tiny Kitchen for Homemade Spelt Crackers. 

Cracker can also mean a white person in urban slang.

How about a "green" chef who is also creator of a one man show called White Like Me? No kidding. This is a true American original and I've got the interview coming up. Cleetus Friedman is his name, City Provisions is his catering company. I found them through a blurb about a "Supper Club" dinner that was to feature organic cocktails (see sidebar for link to my Carrie & Danielle article, Sustainability and the Cocktail Hour). Cleetus shared a recipe for Sustainable Vodka Mac & Cheese. In his interview with me, he share a lot more. It was fun, enlightening and encouraging. I'll bring you the full interview shortly, but for now take a look at City Provisions. For another side to this character (and I mean that in the best sense of the word) Google his name.

Oh. Yeah.

Full conversation with Cleetus coming up. Don't miss it!

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