S/O/L/E Food Tuesday - Buffet of Sorts

This week, I'm all about meat at my house. This helps my turning veg and exploring veg (veg curious?) friends, not at all, I realize. So I'm looking around for inspiration. Here are some ideas.

1. Frittata - This is an easy and elegant meal I wrote about here, Frittata Makes Elegant Egg Dinner.

2. Stratta - Think of this as cross between a souffle and bread pudding, but savory. It's a classic Christmas morning breakfast since it's made the night before and simply popped into the oven when you're ready to unwrap gifts, say. By the time you're done, the stratta is too and you have a lovely sit-down breakfast. Stratta typically has buttered bread, bits of meat and/or veg., some cheese and a cream/milk mixture. Here is one recipe: Christmas Morning Stratta. Substitute Fakin' Bacon for the ham or Canadian bacon, or make it all veg (cheese/mushroom/pepper would be nice) and enjoy. Here's another version from SFGate, using mushrooms, Custardy Strata takes Center Stage.

3. Cassoulet - Creamy white beans, baked in French country style. Here's one recipe, it sounds delicious for a cold wintry night. Vegetarian Cassoulet. I recently made a non-veg version and it was heaven. Thanks Eddie for this suggestion. I can't believe I forgot it so soon after making mine!

4. Shepherd's Pie - Here is a vegetarian version of Shepherd's Pie that's perfect for New Year's Eve/Day. Lentils are used instead of the ground beef that is traditional. Lentils are a New Year's tradition as they are thought to bring prosperity, resembling coins as they do. 

These last two would be suitable for vegans as there's no need for dairy or egg in either. The first two use eggs, butter and cheese so you'd have to be ovo-lacto vegetarian to eat these or do some serious modifcations.

Just discovered another resource, too. A fellow Examiner, Shannon Cain Arnold, writes a Vegetarian column. Check out Shannon's column here, and be sure to look at her resource guide for more inspiration.

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