S/O/L/E Food Tuesday - Birthday edition

Okay kids it's my day off. The one per year I'll take!

Here's a delicious - vegetarian - Meyer Lemon Pasta recipe, courtesy of Eddie at Haphazard Gourmet. Eddie and her sisters write a crazy good blog about food, food safety, life, and were huge supporters of Teach a Man to Fish, contributing a fun recipe with one of my favorite things of all times...

Pomegranate seeds


They also have been supportive friends in many other ways. I'm grateful.

To read more about Meyer Lemons, see this week's post on Suite, here.

Enjoy the Haphazard Gourmet Meyer Lemon Pasta - toss some blanched green beans into the pot after the pasta's gone and you can erase all the fat from the dish. Okay, that's just a birthday fantasy. But it rocks. Really.