Sinister Immigrant Attackers

See, THIS is why I'm trying to give up sleep. There are just not enough hours in the day. What with the inauguration, the media dinners (including foie gras!), the Navarra mystery, you know - now that I'm 44 I need my beauty sleep. These bags under my eyes would have been checked baggage on that downed USAir flight or any other - too big to carry on.

As soon as that flight went down in the Hudson, I like every concerned American, thought several things:

- will I have to watch reporters asking endless stupid questions while they run the "breaking news"? Boy is this gonna ruin my workout today.

- how long before everyone connected with the flight was designated as a "hero"?

- exactly how many people can a wing hold before it snaps off?

Then, once everyone was safe and it was clear that geese were probably the culprits I thought:

What an incredible opportunity for a writing exercise! Be the PR agent, the crisis management team for the geese. Put the spin out there about your maligned species. Be proactive and set the PR tone before the announcement of the FAA examination of the engines confirms it.

Or, make it a terrorist attack manifesto release from the geese. 

Either way it has great potential for fun. Something we are sorely in need of...

Turns out that New York Mag has done it again and scooped me. See this piece on the sinister attackers.  "Those Canadian Geese will be singing once we start waterboarding their co-conspirators..."

Come on, man, that's just great...

Is he laughing at us?