Show a Little Love for Q Restaurant


This has been a tough winter on so many of us. Will Gilson's Mother's greenhouses collapsed, people are dealing with ice dams, wind damage, and one of our local shabu-shabu restaurants is just reopened after a water pipe burst in the Archstone building.

Shabu-shabu is the onomatopoetic name for the hot pot style of dining. "Shabu-shabu" - whisper it softly and you can hear the raw meats and veg quickly swishing through bubbling broth.

I had been to Q once before I was invited to the media opening. The selection of broths and the quality of the ingredients are quite impressive. The lounge-y vibe should appeal to folks who aren't thrilled with the no-frills decor or many Chinatown spots. From a foyer sandwiched between blue bubbling walls, to a fancy back-lit full bar, the decor is obviously aimed at the night-on-the-town crowd. True food lovers do not be turned off! At Q you will find gorgeous fresh meats, sliced paper thin, a wonderful selection of mushrooms and other vegetables and fresh seafood including salmon that is wild from Alaska instead of farmed which carries so many environmental consequences it makes it hard to enjoy.



Q restaurant hopes to pick up where they left with the introduction of 4 for $4 sushi in January, along with new offerings like Two-for-One priced appetizers at the bar weekdays from 4 – 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. – 12 midnight and a special lunch menu featuring signature dishes like Mala Noodle Soup and Q Special Fried Rice, Hot Pot combinations and traditional Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisine.

Q Restaurant is located in the base level of the Archstone Boston Common at 660 Washington Street, Chinatown, 02111 (at the corner of Beech Street). Q Restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner from 11:30am through 1:00am. For more information, please call: 857.350.3968.