Shaking and Slicing and Ramsay's Folly

Shake it you Stepford Wife

Jackson Cannon on Chronicle shows Mary (Stepford Wife on 'roids?) how to shake it right. Click to view.  The first segment covers knives which I recently wrote about on Suite, too. Check this article: Buying Kitchen Cutlery Just Got Easier, then watch what a local chef has to say. Thanks to Lauren at DrinkBoston for the scoop.

Talk about Heat in the Kitchen

Now maybe it's just me, or maybe it's the Theraflu talking, but if it were just disclosed that my multimillion dollar empire was in a shambles, my chefs were defecting, and my mistress confesses not only to our 7 year liaison but also my penchant for poppers during sex...I might think twice about having my father in law tidy up the financial restructuring!! As Gordon Ramsay himself is often wont to say "you stuuupid fucking donkey!"

Oh - Lauren - we should make a cocktail called Ramsay's Folly!!